7 Tips to Build a TikTok Channel for Beginners.

When you’re just starting to build a TikTok channel, you may feel a bit lost. How can you get people to watch your videos when they are short, usually under 1 minute, and users can easily get lost in the thousands of videos on TikTok? This article will provide you with some simple tips for building a TikTok channel for beginners to grab attention.

1. Your First Videos Matter the Most – Invest Creativity.

TikTok relies on your initial videos to categorize your channel, determining what your channel is about and whether it’s useful for users. So, it’s essential to focus on the quality of these initial videos. Instead of posting one video and waiting for a response, create 3-5 high-quality videos at once and post them within a week.

Đầu tư nội dung cho video trên tiktok
Videos from Sơn Nguyễn Tiktoker. It’s not only selling products, he invests his time to create quality videos,
Your content should be:
+ Useful to users
+ Engaging
+ In compliance with TikTok’s policies
Đầu tư nội dung cho video tiktok
A creative TikTok content

Keep your videos short (maximum 50 seconds, with around 30 seconds being ideal) to ensure completion rates. Optimize your content within the first 10-15 seconds. For example, if you’re sharing business knowledge, cut and segment your content into shorter, optimized answers for users.

2. How to Grab Viewers’ Attention from the First Few Seconds.

2.1 Create a Thumbnail for Your Video.

f you’re new to building a TikTok channel and your videos aren’t outstanding or eye-catching, create a thumbnail for them. TikTok users are known to be a bit lazy, so they might scroll past your video if they don’t see something interesting right away. Additionally, they may not have time to listen to the audio in the first few seconds.

Thêm caption - ảnh thumb cho video tiktok của bạn
Add caption for your videos

To prevent users from scrolling past your video, add a thumbnail and write a caption for your video that’s visible during the first few seconds.

2.2 Engaging Content in the First Few Seconds.

TikTok videos are short, and viewers are quick to scroll past if they don’t find anything interesting. In the first 5 seconds, highlight the most humorous, intriguing, or crucial part of your content, or create curiosity to keep them watching. You can then provide more context.

You can also learn from other channels by watching and analyzing more videos to understand how they captivate their audience. Pay attention to elements like imagery, sound, and colors (for example, red, yellow, and orange are known to attract and retain viewers’ attention in marketing).

3. Add Text to Your Video (Subtitles).

Since TikTok users primarily watch videos on their phones, there’s a description at the bottom, along with buttons for likes, shares, and comments in the top-right corner. Therefore, when you add text, ensure it’s positioned within the screen frame to avoid text being cut off.

Viết chữ cho nội dung video tiktok
Add Text to Your Video
Viết chữ cho nội dung video tiktok
Add Text to Your Tiktok Video

4. Choose Music on TikTok.

Music is essential on TikTok. It should match your video’s content, be catchy for the listeners, and ideally align with current trends. Pay attention to what’s trending and use music that suits your video to attract viewers.

5. Use Hashtags.

s we know, hashtags should align with your content’s theme. However, there are three types of hashtags you should consider:

  • Your channel’s name, e.g., #businessadvice.
  • Relevant topics, products, or services, e.g., #parenting, #marketing.
  • SEO-related keywords and recent trending hashtags.

Using hashtags helps target your content to the right audience and lets TikTok know your channel’s theme.

hashtag cho nội dung video tiktok của bạn
hashtag for your Tiktok video

Do not write clear content about the product, it is not necessary, Tiktok will think that you are advertising.
Do not put the logo in the video, tiktok does not like you advertising.

6. Choose the Right Posting Times.

Peak posting times on TikTok are typically from 8-10 AM, 2-4 PM, and 8-10 PM. However, as a new user, it may be challenging to compete during these peak hours. Consider posting at different times, such as 10-11:30 AM, 6:30-7:30 PM, or even late at night when others are less active.

7. Additional Tips to Keep in Mind.

  • Consistently post daily to help TikTok’s algorithm push your videos to more viewers and increase interaction.
  • Don’t delete videos even if they initially get few views. TikTok may recommend your videos later, and viewers who follow you tend to go back and watch older videos.
  • Build a consistent content theme.

TikTok may seem easy, but it’s not. To reach thousands of views and make money from your TikTok channel, you’ll need to invest time and effort, learn from other channels, and constantly adapt to the ever-changing social media landscape. Ultimately, content quality is more important than just looks.

Of course, you might wonder why some people can gain millions of views by just being good looking and dancing. Well, being good looking can be considered a talent too. However, this doesn’t guarantee long-term success or opportunities with brands. Quality content always prevails.

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