Hi, my friends!

I am Lana Phuong, a digital marketing specialist from Vietnam with seasoned experience. I was studying master’s degree in International Business and Sales Management in Finland, so I am looking for a job here to broaden my international marketing experience. My strengths are especially the skills and knowledge about managing digital marketing operations, including planning and performing digital marketing activities, analyzing key metrics for social media channels, and analyzing competitors and customer insights.

In my freelance, I have effectively managed and nurtured social media pages for a diverse range of clients such as education, fashion, machine producing, spa, etc. My efforts have centered around developing marketing strategies and campaign plans, crafting compelling content, captivating images, and impactful videos to promote brand visibility and expand customer reach. By conducting targeted A/B testing ads on Facebook and Instagram, I have consistently achieved impressive results, garnering positive feedback from clients who have seen tangible improvements in their marketing activities and customer satisfaction.

Besides that, I also love studying knowledge of beauty care, traveling, doing voluntary activities, and photography. Although, my photography skills are not good 🙂

You can see about my travel life here https://www.polarsteps.com/PhuongLana

My Personal Facebook blog https://www.facebook.com/lanaphuongblog/