How to Advertise on Facebook

Định dạng quảng cáo Facebook

Once you have a Fanpage with engaging content and images, and you want to reach even more users, it’s time to start advertising on Facebook. But how do you begin advertising on Facebook?

You’ll realize there are many aspects to consider, such as your advertising budget, which posts to use for advertising, the type of ads, who your target audience is, how to target them, the duration of your ads, and more. Before you start, it’s crucial to create a detailed plan.

Do you have impressive images and content? Now, you want to advertise on Facebook?

If you have excellent products and high-quality image or video posts, don’t hesitate —Facebook is a powerful tool for reaching potential customers. To understand why, you can refer to the article “Why Choose Facebook Advertising?”

In this article, I’ll guide you through creating a simple advertising campaign step by step. First, you need to have an advertising account.

uảng cáo trên Facebook
You have content and images? Now you want to run Facebook ads?

1. Create an Advertising Account

To create an advertising account, you can do so from your personal account or create one using a business manager account. You can use a Visa debit or credit card from reputable banks.

2. Create an Advertising Campaign on Facebook

First, you need to understand some terms in Facebook advertising. In Facebook, all paid ads can be divided into three elements:

  • Campaigns: Campaigns are the home of all your content assets
  • Ad sets: Ad sets are ad groups that target specific audiences. If you’re targeting multiple audiences, you’ll need separate groups for each audience.
  • Ads: The individual ads you’ll post on Facebook, each with its own colors, copy, images, etc.
 chọn mục tiêu trong 11 loại hình này
Before creating ads, you need to choose an objective from these 11 ad types:


Before creating ads, you need to choose an objective from these 11 ad types:

  • Awareness: Includes objectives like Brand Awareness, Local Awareness, and Reach, which are typically used to increase brand awareness.
  • Consideration: This includes objectives like Traffic, Engagement, App Installs, Video Views, and Lead Generation, which are used to gather interactions from potential customers.
  • Conversion: In this group, you need a landing page to track conversions or a product catalog or physical store. You need to set up Facebook pixel codes on your website as required.

3. Targeting and Optimizing Your Ad Set

Once you’ve selected your campaign objectives, Facebook will guide you through determining the target audience, budget, and schedule for your ad set. If you’ve used Facebook’s advertising tools before, you can choose saved audiences here. If not, specify demographic information such as location, age, gender, and language. Take advantage of smartly created audiences, especially Lookalike audiences, to reach potential customers more effectively.



chọn tệp lookalike khi target quảng cáo


target khu vực, sở thích, độ tuổi
Location, ages, interested and behaviors

Then choose your budget and schedule. Facebook offers the option to set a daily or lifetime budget:

Chọn ngân sách hàng ngày hoặc trọn đời
Choose a daily or lifetime budget
Daily budget: If you want your ad to run continuously, select Daily budget. Choose how much you’re willing to spend on this specific ad each day. Remember, these are averages, so some days you may spend a little above or below.
Lifetime budget: If you want your ad to run for a specified period of time, select Lifetime budget. Facebook will automatically try to spread the amount you choose evenly over a period of time.
Depending on the option you choose, you can choose the appropriate schedule for your ad set. Decide if you want your ad to start immediately or later.


4. Ad Format on Facebook

Now that you’ve defined your campaign and ad set, it’s time to create your ad. If you already have a post you want to use for advertising, simply select it. If you want to create a new post (e.g., for messages, lead forms), in this section, you’ll choose the format, media, text, and link to create one or more ads.

Facebook provides you with various ad format options:

Định dạng quảng cáo Facebook

In the past, if more than 20% of your ad image contained text, Facebook would reject your ad. Although Facebook has implemented a new system, it still favors images with minimal text. Now, ads with higher text content will receive fewer or no deliveries. Check this tool to examine your image.

Finally, fine-tune your text and preview your ad on desktop or mobile devices. Then, place your order.

You can also select a post already on your Fanpage for advertising:

Chọn bài đăng sẵn có trên page để quảng cáo
select a post already on your Fanpage for advertising


5. Measuring Facebook Ad Results

Now that your ads have been launched, you’ll want to track the effectiveness of your campaign. To see your results, return to Facebook Ads Manager. If you have running ads, you’ll find an overview of all your campaigns.

At the top, the overview page will show the estimated amount you’re spending on ads daily. The overview is divided into columns to make it easy to filter results by reach, impression, clicks, click-through rate (CTR), and more.


Tổng quan quảng cáo facebook
Overview of facebook ads in ad manager.

There are various metrics to consider when determining the success of your ads, depending on your objectives. For example, you may want to focus on the number of lead forms, messages, comments, CTR, CPM, and more.

Lựa chọn các thông số để xem kết quả quảng cáo
Select parameters to view advertising results according to the criteria you have set.

By tracking these metrics, you can evaluate the performance of your Facebook advertising campaign and make adjustments as needed.


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